Saturday, February 22, 2014

Charleston Valentine, Chapter I of II: Food!

Jon and I got away overnight last weekend and opted for Charleston, SC.  It was awesome.  Chucktown never disappoints.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Last night around 10:30, we had an earthquake!  It was my first.  Jon and I were watching "Love Actually" when the couch shook for a few seconds.  The kids were in bed and it didn't affect them in the least.  The dogs were also apathetic.

People were pretty excited about it, especially on the heels of the icepocalypse we just experienced, but it really ended up being mostly like this:

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hello February, which is half over!

We have had another round of snow days! So, I have had time to update the blog.

Here are the guys singing in the car on February 4 to one of their latest obsessions: the Frozen movie.

On Friday, February 7, two of my former students shadowed me for the day.  They are now in middle school and it was so fun hanging out with them again.
The shadows are the three tallest people among these 3rd graders.  The brunette in glasses is a shadow in another classroom who brought her violin to help demonstrate some properties of sound for the class.

My sweet sixth grade shadows
We went to school as usual on Monday, February 10.  Then, on Tuesday, the weather became sketchy.
View from my classroom as the snow started to fall that morning.

The boys at our early dismissal that day.  We were getting ready to leave school here....
And now, we arrive at Valentine's Day.  Hope it is happy for all.
It's Friday and we have been out of school ever since that early dismissal on Tuesday afternoon.  I took a handful of snow/ice pics with the DSLR and will post eventually.