Sunday, May 13, 2012

Andrew Welch Burbank

Happy Mother's Day!

This guy made me a mother for the very first time on June 7, 2007.
My first pregnancy, however, was in the late fall of 2005, 3 months after Jon and I had moved from WV to South Texas.  We were so excited that we told everyone as soon as it was confirmed... I was about 4 weeks or so along.

The next doctor's appointment was not so happy, though.  We were expecting to hear a heartbeat for the very first time and there was none.  Apparently, the baby's growth had stopped as a fetal pole.

We were devastated.  I underwent a DNC procedure that January and we moved along with life.  This included purchasing our first home, and adopting our dogs, Maddie & Dora,  two months later.

Nine months later, on October 7, 2006, we learned we were pregnant again!  This time, things were perfect.  We waited 12 weeks to tell anyone, though, just to be sure.
Here's an ultrasound of Andrew from around 18 weeks along.

I was showered with showers!  This one was in March of 2007 in WV,
thrown by my family and best friends. 
Both of our mothers (both first-time Grandmas) were there, which was extra special for all.

Jon gave me a heart-shaped locket that Mother's Day. It was inscribed with "Mother to Be 2007."  I have kept various photos inside over the years of all the sweet men in my life.
I was induced very early on June 7. It was a long day.  We had waited the many months to discover the baby's gender on his or her birthday, so we were doubly anxious to learn if we would have a son or daughter.

Big BOY Andrew was born at 10:40 pm with one fist pushed up beside his head as if he were a super hero.

Named after my father, Charles Andrew Welch, who we lost way too early in 1996, our very own Andrew Welch Burbank powered his way into our lives and hearts and forever changed his first-time mother.

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