Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another New Bed for the Big Boy

Mother's Day was great and relaxing.  The only torturous part was yet another realization that our eldest son is growing up way too fast.  Grandma Cathy gave her bunk beds to us, and Sunday was the day to move Andrew from his Thomas bed (which uses only a crib mattress that has been too short for him for months) to the full/twin bunk set.  Ethan will inherit the Thomas bed when we feel comfortable giving him the potential freedom to roam free of his crib (not anytime too soon on that one, mind you).
dismantling of the old bed.  ethan assisted.  andrew entertained.

work was left to dad as the boys rocked out together

bed is gone; now it's time for the cheap labor

more cheap labor

finished product.  the currently mismatched room will be getting a star wars face lift this summer.

first tuck-in

happy man! thanks, grandma cathy!

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