Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Fun and Projects

To begin, I want to THANK our service men and women, both living and dead, for giving all they have so that we may be free.  Period.  So many people (including me) get sidetracked by the 3-day weekend fun that they forget the reason for the holiday.

That having been said, this time with my nuclear family has been amazingly relaxing and productive. There was bike riding, swimming, yummy grilled food, toy purging followed by trips to the recycling center and Goodwill, and we are about ready to move Ethan to the Thomas the Tank Engine bed (sooner than expected because he is now climbing freely from his crib at will).

In addition to the aforementioned fun, there was...
a lot of running

lawn care

a long nap or two (note Andrew's Woody/Buzz tuck-in that happened sometime in the middle of one of his naps)

hanging of two new canvases

finally getting around to covering the remaining five dining chairs

and today, right now, RAIN from tropical depression Beryl.  we had big afternoon swimming plans, too. [sigh]
The hard part about this weekend is that it totally feels like summer. And we still have school for one more week. Oh, well. Summer will be here in just five short days and we are READY.

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