Monday, May 7, 2012

West Virginia: Full Circle

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jon, the boys, and I recently spent a whirlwind weekend in West Virginia.
The purpose was so that Jon and I could present a workshop on teaching African musical concepts to my former Orff chapter: The Northern West Virginia Mountain Laurel chapter of AOSA.

For the first time ever, we spent all our time in Grafton, WV at my dear friend Heidi's gorgeous home, and visited Morgantown (our ol' stompin' grounds) for a total of five hours (just long enough for the presentation).

The trip was "full-circle" for a few reasons, as pointed out really neatly by Heidi.  Jon and I were presenters at the first ever Mountain Laurel workshop, for one.  I was one of the founding members and the chapter is definitely near and dear to my heart.
The boys were AMAZING travelers this time.  Best ever (even though Ethan looks unhappy about the hand-holding situation here).

This is a workshop photo.  I (brown pants) taught Pata Pata, a South African folk dance, to the participants.  They had stellar moves.

Here's the teaching of a West African stick game.

Jon was the main focus of the workshop, with his amazing knowledge of numerous drumming and dancing pieces. Everyone loved his energetic spirit, great teaching, and what they could take back to their classrooms.

Back at the Lucas ranch, Heidi helped the seven kids make mini pizzas!

Six of our seven, seated around the table that their crazy parents sat around ten years ago.  This = FULL CIRCLE.

Jennifer's Cori and our Ethan were having a massive tea party.

Dance party!

The dance party continues...
We LOVED the quick moment in my home state of WV. The workshop was fun, I happily caught up with many old friends (Heidi, Jason, Jennifer, Kevin, Janet, Mike, Debi, and Stacy, among numerous others), and the kids had an amazing time playing together. Hope to see all these people again really soon.