Monday, July 25, 2016

Here is a Post!

The last post was from our March HI trip.  So much has happened since then, I really am trying to catch up and post about it and then go back in and get things I missed like, oh, Andrew's 2nd grade musical?!? {The kiddo is going into 4th, for crying out loud.}

I do still love blogging and have neglected it!  I know facebook is the go-to for pics for the most part, but you can't really design your own fb page.  Also, with the blog, there are no ads or other unwanted stuff.  So I will continue!

Most recently, Jon's sis got married in Austin and we were there with most of his family.  SO. MANY. PHOTOS.  I will get through them before the school to-do list onslaught in 15 short days!