Monday, June 30, 2014

5 Days, 5 Posts. Myrtle Beach 2014. 5 of 5: The Beach

We spent more time on the beach this time than we ever have with the boys.  We just didn't take any electronics out there.  I took these photos on Thursday, our last morning.  In the days before that, we spent many hours out there digging in the sand with all the gear, making sandcastles, burying Daddy, jumping and jumping and jumping the waves, and checking out the wildlife.  They also loved playing on the pirate ship playground, which I did not get a photo of.  Next year!

my favorite

Ethan got so, so much braver about the waves this year

Andrew was tenacious.  He kept diving into the oncoming waves and would have been perfectly happy out there by himself if we had let him.

We spent a good bit of time as a family out where it was fairly deep, beyond the breakers.
That's all Andrew wanted to do after that.

My three guys. XOXO.
Here's to next time!  We hope to go again soon, rather than a year from now....

Sunday, June 29, 2014

5 Days, 5 Posts. Myrtle Beach 2014. 4 of 5: Medieval Times

Dinner our last beach evening was at Medieval Times. The boys had never been, and it had been years since Jon or I had done a show like that. We all loved it.
waiting to get in

more waiting

starting to lose it...

IN!  and checking out all the cool stuff

the falconer

so beautiful

messing around on the grand floor

"entertaining" the captive audience as we wait to be called in to dinner

dinner and tournament time!  eating with our hands is right up our alley.  sigh.

our guy was the red and yellow knight

he didn't win

it was fun watching him joust, though
and cheering for him.

Stay tuned for the final post in the Myrtle Beach 2014 Series: Beach.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

5 Days, 5 Posts. Myrtle Beach 2014. 3 of 5: Waterpark and Pool Fun

We love this place partially because of its indoor waterpark and pools.  Fun in the rain (which we didn't have) or just to get out of the sun for a while (which we appreciated).
no more floaty michelin man suit for this guy!

planning in the hot tub

more hot tub shenanigans

fastest slide there

our daredevil loved it, of course


can't believe that giant foot belongs to our tiny 7-year-old

wizard's chess

break for lunch

zoomed in on the pool dudes from our balcony
Tomorrow's post: Medieval Times!

Friday, June 27, 2014

5 Days, 5 Posts. Myrtle Beach 2014. 2 of 5: Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise

We arrived Sunday.  On Monday, the first full day of our trip, Jon and I thought it would be neat for the guys to ride on a boat in the ocean, which is something they had never done.  So we booked a little cruise on the Sea Screamer in the hopes of seeing some dolphins. This involved a 25-minute drive north to Little River, SC, basically on the border of North Carolina.  It was great!
patiently waiting on the dock

snapped by the first mate as we sped through the Little River Inlet, a briny mixture of salt and fresh water


we loved this group of pelicans guarding the entrance to the Atlantic, especially the little guy on the left showing off his wings.  he just sat there like that the whole time we passed by.

never ridden horses on the beach.  next time?

DOLPHINS!  we were all excited.

there were lots of different pod sightings.

looking for more and getting a little hungry and sleepy

the captain and andrew.  he encouraged all the little people on board to drive the boat!

too grown up

family selfie, courtesy of jon
Tomorrows post: Indoor Waterpark!