Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Life

Thinking about summer life right now and figured I'd post this photo I just took.

We have been to the beach and back.  Hundreds of photos to go through there.

Also, there are a few more fun swim camp photos to post.

And, we just celebrated 11 years of marriage. There is that.

All not posted yet, but it is summer! Yay!  And the postings will come.

Summer life has taken over.

So, this photo from our backyard.... on the bottom left is a super heavy iron kettle from my grandparents' house in Pennsboro, WV; I remember seeing geraniums in it from the time I was super small.  You'll see Dora there, digging in her pit beneath the playset.  She loves that. My million bells are hanging there.  And I know you didn't miss the sunflowers Mom planted when she was here time before last.  Both boys are napping, so they didn't make the shot!

This is summer life.  Right now.  Loving it.

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