Thursday, June 26, 2014

5 Days, 5 Posts. Myrtle Beach 2014. 1 of 5: Car and Room

Jon, the boys, and I just spent 5 wonderful days on the Grand Strand from June 15-19.  We love this completely touristy beach.  I am not afraid to say it. Our kids are young. There is a lot to do. We will eventually get there with the more hoity toity beaches, but for now, this is our zone.

We stayed at Dunes Village again this year and enjoyed it even more than last year.  The weather was completely perfect the entire week and the Atlantic was a very comfortable temperature, too.
sleepyheads on the 2.5-hour journey there

as soon as we arrived, they had to check out the awesome view and we parents had to, once again, STRICTLY enforce the rule of no toys on the balcony. for once, it was actually followed.
Since it was just our little nuclear family in attendance, Jon and I sat on the balcony in the evenings as the boys slept inside.  One night, Jon pointed out that this tree seemed to have arms and crazy hair and you could also spot a couple of little eyes and even a mouth.  Mr. Crazy Tree stared straight at us every night and creeped us out a little.

view of the skywheel from our balcony

packed up and ready to go home.... tired and sad it was over
Tune in tomorrow for the second post: Sea Screamer Dolphin Cruise!

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