Saturday, August 3, 2013

Breckenridge Stables Horseback Riding Adventure

On the third day of our trip, we went on a beautiful horseback ride with about 20 other extended family members.   It was fun.
Suited up and ready to go!

Andrew was assigned a horse named AB!  So we just believed that stood for Andrew Burbank.

Daddy rode with Ethan on Shiloh.

Captured from Daddy's perspective during the ride.

Here's another shot Jon took.

Andrew's horse ended up being a little cantankerous (he kept trying to veer off the trail to snack), and I was two horses back from him.  So, Heather kept him tethered to her for the remainder of the ride, which was so sweet and worked out lots better.

View of my Gus.

I took this, looking back. Christina's in the blue right behind me, Justin is behind her in the sunglasses, and you can see Jon waaay back there in the red jacket.

All in all, Andrew did a great job controlling his horse. I was only a nervous mommy during the many trail moments where there were massive cliffs on either side of us, or when we were going up/down very steep inclines.

He had just been a cowboy in the Rocky Mountains, but was most impressed
with this lightsaberish stick he found after the ride. Sigh.


This was an amazing experience we were lucky to have. I will never forget it, and hope the boys won't, either.

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