Friday, August 2, 2013

Breckenridge House: Sunnyside Up!

Our "vacation home," as we prefer to call it, is located at 85 Red Feather Drive. (Hope we get to return here sometime!) It has five levels and caters to all types of tenants. This week's inhabitants included our family of four, Grandma Cathy, Christina, and her boyfriend Justin.  We had plenty of space and fun.

Breckenridge is the first place we have ever been where houses actually have names, which I find pretty cool. Ours is Sunnyside Up, and it awesomely backed up to the Tomahawk House, where all reunion festivities were held.

Auntie Christina got some major nephew time in as soon as we arrived.

On the first night, our boys wanted to stay awake to party with their west coast cousins.....

....sleep couldn't help but take over.
Beautiful stuff: pool table, piano, and working train above, which all the kids LOVED.


Did I mention the hot tub?!?

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