Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Boys' First Day of School!

Today was awesome! Both of my guys are attending MY school and I will get to teach music to Andrew on Tuesdays! This is all surreal to me. I love it.

Here are some photos from last night's "before school magical confetti" and from today. Oh, and they were donning new pjs to help celebrate the eve.

Worst before-school photo ever.

Jon came with me this morning to be with the guys before my 7:15 am duty.  They loved it.

My classroom is across from the cafeteria, so I sneaked in to snap this photo
of Ethan and his new buddies at the first breakfast.

Ethan and his teacher, Mrs. Hinks. Love.

Mrs. Cline is Andrew's 1st Grade teacher.  She is as sweet as can be.  He loves her.

Here's to an amazing school year for my boys, Jon, and myself!  We have got this!