Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cars, Slides, and Roller Coasters... Sparkleberry Fair 2014

This morning, we took the guys to the Sparkleberry Fair.  This was the first year in many that neither of us had performing groups there, so it was nice to get to just attend and enjoy.

We bit the bullet this year and purchased the $25 hand stamp for each boy so they could have unlimited rides.  That hurt at first, but once we tallied up every ride, it paid for itself many times.  Most rides lasted under a minute and cost 4 tickets ($1 per ticket).  The guys enjoyed doing things over and over and over again.


Super-cautious on his first trip down

Those little fingers crack me up here

They LOVED this caterpillar roller coaster.  Momma didn't love that the track was leveled with wooden blocks at the bottom, but had to put her fears aside and just let them go for it.

Now, Ethan was so much braver, after maybe 10 times on this thing. Hands in the air!

More hands in the air!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break, So Far...

Can't believe it's already Thursday. We have been having some fun around here, including movies at the theater (and in our sleeping bags), picnics, and games.