Monday, December 28, 2009

Multipurpose Easel

Use number one: Outlet for creative expression
Aptly named use number two: Less-than-perfect hiding place
for kids having potty-training blunders

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Highlights

We have had a great time of it so far. Andrew scored in the present category, that's for sure. Here are a few pics from last night and today. The rest are here:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa 3, Andrew 0

Remember LAST YEAR'S pitiful Santa post?

Well, it didn't get any better this year, either. Here's the best one we got. Not kidding. Andrew wouldn't even get close to the creepy old jolly old elf this time. And there were major tears again. Here is our terrorized youngster running out of the photo, despite all parental force pleading. Ethan just slept, with his gut a-flailing out of the shirt that so nicely matched his brother's (not that you could tell about the matching, what with all the hysteria going on). Crappy Santa pic, year three. Good for comic relief, I guess.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We Heart Aunt Kim

Aunt Kim came down yesterday (Tuesday) evening to watch the boys so mama could attend the really wonderful BHS winter concert without enduring constant fear of hideous concert etiquette and subsequent rushing of an infant and an unruly 2-year-old to the atrium to run up and down the steps instead of getting to hear the beautiful music being performed inside the auditorium. It was so very nice to be able to sit there and take it all in on my terms only. Rare.This is the best photo I got of Kim and Ethan. As soon as the kid sees a camera, he whips into his duh/deer in headlights face which makes it tough to get a photo that displays his pleasant, jolly personality. Oh, well.

But, I digress.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weird Weather, Weirdly-Timed Activities

We do things when we can get to them around these parts, so it ended up being "Nightmare Before Christmas" the other evening as Jon, Andrew and I decorated popcorn balls (sent to us over a month ago from an auntie). Here are two of Jon's creations that make me laugh every time I look at them. He is the true artist in this house.

And the weather yesterday was nuts: cold, miserable rain and high winds early in the morning followed by sunny, 72-degree playing weather at mid-morning. As usual, I had Andrew overdressed and he was sweating in less than five minutes. Here we are, enjoying the day.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Still reading this thing?

I'm surprised you're here.

I seldom post these days. Keeping the kids happy and out of trouble (well, one out of two ain't bad) seems to be taking up most of my time.

I would be doing an upcoming posting about us searching out the perfect Griswold Christmas tree, but then again, how exciting IS Home Depot, really (I am assuming here that my audience is primarily female).

So, thanks for still being a blogfriend, and reading this lackluster posting. I'm going to ask Santa for some good photos to post and some thoughts in my head that I can write about.