Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santa 3, Andrew 0

Remember LAST YEAR'S pitiful Santa post?

Well, it didn't get any better this year, either. Here's the best one we got. Not kidding. Andrew wouldn't even get close to the creepy old jolly old elf this time. And there were major tears again. Here is our terrorized youngster running out of the photo, despite all parental force pleading. Ethan just slept, with his gut a-flailing out of the shirt that so nicely matched his brother's (not that you could tell about the matching, what with all the hysteria going on). Crappy Santa pic, year three. Good for comic relief, I guess.


Jennifer said...

I'm with Andrew. As a kid, I never wanted to sit on Santa's lap either. I wanted him to bring me the presents, but I didn't really want to have anything to do with him.

Elle J said...

The last time we had the kids' pictures taken with Santa was my son's first Christmas. The deal breaker? When my girl screamed so loud that we had to stand in the picture with her in order to quiet her down. Having the post-pregnancy belly still attached to me, I was wearing jean overalls while my kids were decked out (obviously not planning to be in the picture). That did it for me! (I should make a post of that with the photo). =)