Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weird Weather, Weirdly-Timed Activities

We do things when we can get to them around these parts, so it ended up being "Nightmare Before Christmas" the other evening as Jon, Andrew and I decorated popcorn balls (sent to us over a month ago from an auntie). Here are two of Jon's creations that make me laugh every time I look at them. He is the true artist in this house.

And the weather yesterday was nuts: cold, miserable rain and high winds early in the morning followed by sunny, 72-degree playing weather at mid-morning. As usual, I had Andrew overdressed and he was sweating in less than five minutes. Here we are, enjoying the day.


sophanne said...

So will you rewrite this post so that we have Ethan looking up at the second popcorn ball with that adorable face? Great work Jon! Ethan's looking spiffy too!

Elle J said...

Boys are adorable as always, but WHAT?! That weather is crazy. We can't even get past 25 degrees for our high. Was that a typo ~ 72?! Enjoy it while you can.