Sunday, August 25, 2013


Things have been gradually changing around here.  Wish I could say I was happy about all of it, but most of the changes mean everyone is getting older, which saddens me a little bit.
Dora has been getting grayer and grayer and slowing down a very slight bit, but that still hasn't stopped her from working on her latest project: digging a dirt pit beneath the guys' playset.

We tore out the tomatoes today and discovered a few beautiful caterpillars
 that must've come straight out of Alice in Wonderland.

Ethan is at that wonderfully cute and inquisitive stage in life and I want to take a snapshot
of this moment in time and never have him grow older than this.

Andrew lost a tooth at school on Friday and got to visit the school nurse for a special treasure chest to put it in.  We forgot to put it under his pillow for a couple of nights, but finally tonight the tooth fairy will pay him a visit.

We said goodbye to the Thomas toddler bed and got Ethan a full-sized big boy bed of his own.  His brother is happy about this because Ethan has been sleeping on Andrew's bottom bunk and often driving him bananas.

pre-bed shenanigans

Big boy in his big bed!  We still need to get him some cool bedding (we are sure he'll choose Angry Birds).

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