Saturday, May 12, 2012

Get in the Pink 10K/5K

Jon did his 2nd 10K today (last one was in 2004)! It was his 4th race since September. I pushed Ethan in the 5K. It was my 7th race since September, and the 6th one Ethan has ridden along in. It was really fun for all three of us.
"Get in the Pink" benefitted breast cancer research.  This is their beautiful logo
(and exactly how I look when I run, btw).


Pre-10K.  Beautiful day for racing through the gorgeous neighborhoods of 5-points. (me = more landscape envy)

Jon is starting out.

He grinned at Ethan and me.

This is the BEST post-race photo we could get.  It makes me laugh.  I swear that the man in the photo IS indeed Jon. Next race, I will scope out the potential photographers a little better.

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