Friday, June 1, 2012

School Changes and Hard Goodbyes

Today marked the last day for students in our district.  It was also Andrew's last day as a preschool student and Ethan's last day with his babysitter of two years.

Although Andrew will technically become a Kindergarten student in August, he will remain in the same school and classroom to finish out his third and final year with his Montessori teacher.  So, that goodbye wasn't too bad; it was only a goodbye to the "preschool" title and some friends who are rising 1st graders.
Here's Andrew today beside his school's student-created and student-maintained garden
Ethan's goodbye was a little tougher.  He has been with Miss Debby for two years.  In August, he will begin his Montessori journey (at a different school than Andrew's) in a 2- to 3-year-old classroom.
Miss Debby presented all her "Lost Boys" with an Avengers balloon and graduation Mickey. 
I took this photo once he got home.

Jon took this at this morning's final drop-off.  Wish he'd been smiling!  Silly guy.

And this terrible Andrew photo was brought to you by the crying fest that ensued this morning at pick-up.  Some rising 1st graders and their mamas were crying, so then the other students empathetically joined in, which was both sweet and sad. These are Andrew's three beautiful, PATIENT teachers.
I know everybody always says this, but time is moving SO fast! These young men were babies yesterday. I am very much looking forward to my time with them this summer before they begin a new chapter in their rapidly changing school lives.

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