Friday, June 15, 2012

North Myrtle Beach 2012

Jon, Andrew, Ethan, Jon's sis, my mom, Mom's friend, and I just enjoyed a few days at beautiful North Myrtle Beach, SC. We have had this trip planned for many months and it didn't disappoint.

Monday, June 11: Arrival Day
The view from our room was amazing: two giant windows six floors above the Atlantic (we headed out and livened up the boys shortly after this photo was taken).

I took this from our room... except for the kid at the bottom left (and the photographer of course),
 it's a pool shot of our entire vacation party.

Dinner the first night was a seafood buffet.  Ethan was exhausted before we even got seated...

The weather forecast was not our friend for about 24 hours... here's the rain moving in...

Tuesday, June 12: Day Two... The Monsoon
Jon and I left the kids to nap at the resort with Auntie on Tuesday afternoon
as we shot some pool and avoided the deluge

By evening, the rain had stopped and it was off to the pirate dinner show - a HIT in everyone's book!

After the pirate show, the dudes had to don their skull and crossbone pjs.
Wednesday, June 13: Gorgeous Day Three
Jon and I began the beautiful day with a beach run. This was our view as the storms moved out. I did 3 miles, he did 5.  The sand was packed so nicely that it was easy.

That day, no other photos were taken.... Just swimming and sand digging. I took this lovely sunset shot that evening as we were getting ready to venture out for the night.

These guys were making some gorgeous beach art at the time.

The "Burbank Three" located Wednesday night "wave" karaoke and belted out some tunes.  Here's Christina on "Torn."

Jon maxxed out the "Mississippi Squirrel Revival.

And I did some Reba, of course.

Thursday, June 14: Departure Day

Following some last-minute beach and pool time, we headed to MagiQuest, where the boys had a blast with their wands.

Goodbye, beautiful Atlantic. I will see you again in July for the girls' weekend!!

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Louise the Cat and Roomies said...

Magiquest AND the pirate show!?! Next year I'm going with your family! :)