Sunday, June 10, 2012

Highlights from the Birthday Extravaganza!

There has been a lot going on lately, both because of Andrew's 5th, but also coincidentally just around the 5th birthday events. I have taken over a thousand photos and will do more event-specific posts at some point.  But... we are leaving for the beach tomorrow morning so all I can offer right now are my seven favorite photos from the past four days.
At Thursday's karate class, Mr. Mike invited ETHAN to participate (he can officially attend classes when he turns 3 in September)! He really did a great job and we are considering enrolling him early, probably in August.  I love the way he is looking up here, as if to say to the purple man, "Don't mess with my brother!"

Thursday was Andrew's actual birthday, and we celebrated at Red Robin with multiple desserts!

Once we got home Thursday evening, Andrew opened presents from family.  He donned his brand new Obi Wan robe as he aced another level on his Lego Star Wars game.  This  =  perfect Andrew birthday.

Friday evening landed us at another belt test!  He was awesome, and is now a yellow stripe belt.
 Next level is the coveted orange....

Saturday morning found us at karate and then his second ever swimming lesson.  He is a fish and LOVES it.

And Saturday evening was the much-anticipated party at Monkey Joe's with his best friends.  The kids had great fun.

After an evening at the bouncy house, we opened the rest of the gifts back at home.  He is really excited here about his new bedding set, as Auntie Christina peeks around the corner. :0)

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