Monday, February 8, 2010


Someone stole 1/2 of our Sunday paper before we got it out of the box yesterday afternoon.

The very obviously-defiled paper had an advertisement on the front about "$350 worth of coupon savings in this issue" or something along those lines (love me some coupons ~ I am a serious clipper). My hope is that the thief who has our coupons is in a truly desperate situation and is also not too lazy to go ahead and clip them and use them. And I suppose recycling is probably out of the question, but then again, the coupon-clipping bandit WAS courteous enough to leave us with half of the paper, so who knows?

Are times REALLY that tough? Seriously?!?

1 comment:

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, man! You missed some good Pampers coupons too!

Maybe it was a mistake at the printer's?