Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our New House

We are under contract for the new house! Even though it's not officially ours until closing (slated for April 29), the site agent has been great to let us into it anytime we want to take measurements or check other things out. Here are some pics from yesterday's trip over there:

guest bath and baby feet

peeking out dining room windows

stairs to climb once again

back yard with protected wetlands behind

Here's a direct link to a slideshow in case the one below won't play:


Heidi Ho said...

That is an amazing house!!!!! Rooms look so spacious! : )

Elle J said...

Beautiful home!!! I am so excited for you; you will have fun decorating and making it all yours. Congratulations!!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! I love that it backs to the undevelopable greenspace. Privacy within a neighborhood. Plus, the master suite is to die for! Tons of room for the kiddos and dogs in the backyard too.

TheresaB said...

Love it!!! :)