Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ethan's Trip to West Virginia, Part II

Here's the second half of the journey Ethan and I took last week.

We spent time in Harrisville and visited Dad's grave site, of course. The cemetery looked gorgeous, as always.

Then we headed South to visit Aunt Rena and Sam.
Farther still, we stopped to shop at Tamarack for a little bit.
This bathroom was at Tamarack. Yes, I took a photo right in the bathroom stall. It's because EVERY bathroom on the planet should have one of these heavenly contraptions. The brand name, honestly, was "I'll Hold the Baby."

I am thankful that our baby boy was such a great, laid-back traveler. His sweetness made it such a fun, easy trip.

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Elle J said...

I noticed that Ikea had these bathroom chairs AFTER my children were old enough to stand still. And every bathroom needs automatic seat covers like the Chicago Airport too! =)

Beautiful pictures of your sweet boy at your dad's grave. So loving that you visit it often with the boys. How very special. Your dad is smiling and loving you from above.