Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun with Auntie Christina

Auntie flew in from Austin last week to visit her nephews. We all had a wonderful time and miss her already. Here are some highlights.

On her first night in town, in a move of amazing originality, we took the girl from Texas to hear a live Mariachi band.

She came bearing wonderful gifts, as always. EJ loved his hat.

We spent a couple of days on Lake Wylie.... such a GREAT time.

Here are the most generous boat captains EVER.
Of course Palmetto Falls wasn't to be missed, either.
We spent a night or two out on the town (sans kiddos). Fun.

Another non-missable experience was Riverbanks Zoo. It was EJ's first real wagon ride. (How did he suddenly turn from a little baby into a big kid? Where is the time going?!?)
Feeding the gorgeous Lorikeets.
And the giraffe.
Ah, the zoo carousel. This was another EJ first. He loved it and smiled the entire ride.
We will miss you, Auntie. Please come to SC again SOON.


Elle J said...

Aunts are awesome!!! Great photos.

(and I fed your turtles. funny.)

Mountain Mama said...

Great pics!

Heidi Ho said...

I love these pictures! They are amazing!