Thursday, October 28, 2010

Well Worth a Day of Docked Pay

Hello, my blogger buddies. Long time, no see. The new gig leaves so little time in my life for blogging. Bummer. Thanks for still hanging with me on these sporadic occasions, though!

Today I took a day off to accompany the sweetest preschool class ever (aka Andrew's class) on a field trip to the country. Using the lifelong guideline of truthfulness, I took the day as a personal one. I learned later that it would be a day without pay, since this is my first year in the district and I have not earned a full personal day yet.


Yes, it seemed foolish to go ahead and accept a day of docked pay until I was in the moment today. It was a great and special time for Andrew and me where I got to briefly revisit the stay-at-home-mama days (taken for granted at the time) and what it felt like to get to spend all day with him on a regular basis. Hindsight is indeed 20/20.

One of the highlights for him was the bus ride to the farm! This was his first time ever on a school bus.This guy is a big buddy. He's older than Andrew and has taken him under his wing, helping steer him in the right direction when needed. Sweet.
The pumpkin patch was so pretty.
Everybody got to take home a mini pumpkin and the class got to take a giant one to share.
Andrew's most favorite part of the day, bar none, was this sweet donkey that let the kids pet and brush and just love on him.
And if this photo alone doesn't justify the wisdom of missing a dollar or two from my paycheck in order to share this experience with my first born, then I guess I'm crazy after all.
Hayrides and pumpkins and animals and hugs. Love, love, love.


Heidi Ho said...

Love love love!

Elle J said...

What a fantastic picture of Andrew with donkey. The pumpkin patch + farm looked like the best day w/o pay!! Happy Halloween!!!

Christina Burbank said...

I miss you all... and this day was SOOOOOOOOOOOO worth it. Andrew looks so cute... and big.

Lydee said...

i would always take the day off to spend with my daughters at preschool when they would do fun things too! it's worth it! so sorry that you tried to be honest and it cost you! auugh!