Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend in Charleston

Last weekend, Jon and I spent two nights alone in Charleston, SC for the annual South Carolina Music Educators' Conference. It was my first time ever away from Ethan in his 17 months, and my fifth night away from Andrew (two of those five were due to giving birth to Ethan which probably shouldn't count as getting away... you know, due to the work involved... but I digress). Needless to say, I was more than ready for some time away from the munchkins with my best friend in the world.

Jon's high school percussion ensemble was honored as one of the featured performing groups. Their concert was amazing, and he earned the "Citation of Excellence," which added even more excitement to the weekend.
After all the accolades and clinics, it was time to relax and enjoy the wonderful city. Here's Jon at the entrance to the slave market.

We ate at Fleet Landing, which was really delicious. It's a seafood restaurant housed in a retired 1940's naval building.
Here's an old Huguenot church that has been frequented by quite a few famous folks. We stopped in before the Sunday service started and listened to the organist's warm-ups. No one else was there. It was one of the many spontaneously romantic moments of the weekend.

Poogan's Porch is also a well-known restaurant that's been frequented by some celebs. It's named after a stray pup that loved hanging out there, among other neighboring places. Poogan died in 1979 and the restaurant is his monument. This is our kind of place. It was right across from our hotel. And, as an added bonus, once inside, we learned that its owner was born and raised in West Virginia! Small world.

Of course, we also drove to the gorgeous Battery and did many other Charlestonish things, but I mainly took a break from photos. That's been my new mantra lately: live life, and take photos when you feel like it, but mainly just live life. Although it makes for a so-so photoblog posting, my free time is so limited these days, that philosophy seems to be working well, so I am going with it.
And, on that note, I am off to get my waking boys and enjoy the sliver that is left of this gorgeous weekend. 'Til next time, blogger buds.


Mountain Mama said...

A weekend alone... How wonderful! :)

Heidi Ho said...

My home town! I want to go someday.... I need to go someday. Will it ever be that day????