Sunday, October 9, 2011

5K #2: Race for Life (aka Ethan's First Ever Race)

The BCE Related Arts team was seriously out to respresent last Saturday.... The music teacher (me) ran the Race for Life 5K with the PE teacher.  Our science lab teacher, a 3rd grade teacher, and a 5th grade teacher participated in the walking portion. It was fun, amazing and inspiring to be supporting breast cancer research along with over 8,000 other folks!  The weather was lovely and the fairly easy route took us around and eventually into Columbia's beautiful Finlay Park.

Here's a starting line shot a co-worker snapped of the 7,000+ walkers.
Here's the PE teacher, Ethan and me a few minutes after crossing the finish line.
It was Ethan's first ever race! He slept most of the time.
Our PE teacher is a "real" runner but chose friendship over glory as she stuck with me the whole time at my 12-minute-mile pace. She pushed my 35-pound man up the hills, which I think gave her the added difficulty level she needed to keep things interesting for her, and it gave me the edge I needed to run the ENTIRE TIME! If she hadn't been right there with me, I know I would have walked a little.

Ethan enjoyed eating his "feesh" afterwards while duck-watching.
Here we are at the end with the 3rd grade teacher.  She was the one who got our school's team organized.
And, here it is: the course of my next race.... in less than three weeks, and ON A RUNWAY!  I am really excited about this one for two reasons: (1) I am afraid of flying, so registering for this race was a brave, bold move for me, and (2) it promises to be FLAT!!!
I hope to shave off a few more minutes of my current 36:30 5K time.

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