Monday, October 7, 2013

2013 Walk for Life this Saturday, October 5

How does a group of three women get five children, ages two through nine, from point A to point B over the course of three miles?

Sea of pink... the plan was to meet up with the rest of our school's representatives, but we couldn't find all of them.  Our little group of three adults and five kiddos (plus the one growing in Lindsay's tummy) was plenty.

There were many different transportation configurations throughout the 3-mile walk (which took us an hour).  Here is one: Me pulling Ethan and Andrew...

Lindsay pushing Bailey

Ethan pulling the empty wagon, and occasionally running over himself, which was actually pretty hilarious (Andrew must have been walking beside me at this point).

Boys riding happily with suckers from Lindsay

Ethan pushing Bailey's empty stroller as Bailey was asking (I think) to be carried (although she was not! 
She was a trooper)...

Andrew and Bailey in the wagon, now pulled by teammate Chrystal...

After wagons and strollers and piggyback rides and occasional whining, we made it to the finish!
Great morning out with my boys and some friends.  We'll be there again next year!

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