Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Winter Storm Leon (aka Snowpocalypse 2014)

We got snow! About 4 inches! This rarity basically shuts down the South. So, we got two snow days and a delay out of the deal, which was pretty cool.
The district called the snow day Monday at 6:00 pm.  The first flakes fell around 8:30, after the guys were in bed.  So, we got them back up for a bit so they could taste it.

sight of my van Tuesday around 7:00 am

playing around 8:30 am

The snow was too dry for fabulous snowmen or snowballs.  So, Jon and Ethan fashioned this Mike Wasowski, which just happened to perfectly match his jacket.

unnecessary shovel

hot cocoa sweetness

more sweetness... Andrew helped make it.

The hounds had an amazing time in the snow, as well, and that post is on its way!

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