Saturday, May 24, 2014


Yesterday evening, as the excitement of the 3-day weekend was just settling in, we got a pretty intense rainstorm here in NE Columbia.  The four of us enjoyed running around in the front yard, getting soaked.  It was awesome.

THEN, hail started falling!  Jon and I have both experienced it before, but years ago and nowhere near as large or intense as these ice chunks were.  It sounded like a battlefield from inside the house.  The family just sat at our front door, curiously and helplessly watching our cars get pelted.  Ethan had a million questions and Maddie was completely wigged out.  Our cars are both dented. I dread checking out the damage to my veggies.

Mother Nature. Sigh.

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Alex Oliver said...

I remember playing in the rain with my parents once as a kid...what a fun memory :) no hail though that time. I was sad to see the damage on our cars as well :(