Saturday, August 2, 2014

7.25.14 Firepit and Shenanigans at the Homestead

The summer tends to get away from you after a while and you start scrambling to fit in all the fun you had promised back on June 7.  We haven't had many fire pits this summer, so we had one last Friday and maxxed it out with some s'mores.

Then, things got a little rowdy.

But it was a beautiful sunset kind of evening!

More mayhem.

And then it turned to bucket head.

Took these that morning.

At this time, we had a vet diagnosis suggesting Maddie might have cancer.  So we were wigged out and I took a lot of photos of her.

But three days later, I took her to the specialist and confirmed that her lumps and bumps are just fat!

Looking forward to more fun family time the last week of my break!

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