Thursday, March 26, 2015

Field Day 2015

Our school's annual field day was today.  There were so many wonderful volunteers that I got to spend most of the morning taking photos and hanging with Andrew's class.  Second graders are hilarious.

And, maybe I am giddy because this is the BEGINNING OF SPRING BREAK!!!
Andrew scored some points for his team by chucking beanbags into hoops.

High knees

Andrew's favorite, BY FAR, was the tug of war.  It was always mine.
His class did really well against a THIRD grade class!

They are checking out the bodies all over the ground on the other side of the rope.

This could be my most favorite photo of the day. Or ever.  Third grade goes down! Check out the student in the red shirt with sore hands, the guy in blue shorts who has clearly had enough, the other bodies all over the ground,
and the boy in red shorts laughing about it all.

Uh oh.  This was a loss from the 2nd/3rd grade boys after the game leader put them against all the girls.
The female teachers MAY have helped out on the girl side a little.....

Cute 2nd grade feet learning how to march and chant from a real drill sergeant.

One of Andrew's sweet, pretty classmates.

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