Monday, June 1, 2015

Boosterthon Fun Run!

I have gotten very far behind on posts, and will spend a few end of school/summer days trying to make up for lost time (blogging is one of the hobbies I most enjoy and I am NOT going to let it go)!

On Thursday, April 23, our students ran in the Boosterthon Fun Run (and now I can't help but quote Fallon the other night, as he said, "Thank you, fun runs, for being half true."  But, I digress...)

They earned pledges for laps and the $ went toward steel pans that have been ordered for this coming school year!  I am beyond excited.  Our PTO is really, really wonderful.

The students earned $17,000 and ended up running over 35 laps that beautiful morning, which is the equivalent of 2 miles!  Andrew had a great time.  He really enjoys running.

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