Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Climbing the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Wednesday, July 15

The coolest part of the trip for me was climbing the Hatteras lighthouse on Wednesday morning.
We arrived pretty early and had a 9:30 climbing time, so we beat the crowds and {most of} the heat!

This was courteously posted BEFORE you bought your tickets: $8/adult, $4/kiddos.

Beautiful and slightly intimidating.  There was a sweet park ranger at the bottom
taking our tickets and encouraging us to leave large bags with her.

Looking up

Thanks, sign!  There was also a ranger at the halfway point.

The climb really wasn't too bad because there were these landings every few flights.
Beautiful views.  I also love the floor.

At the top!  The boys are overlooking the sound side.

They were laughing at their hair blowing in the super wind!

A sign at the top asked that you only stay there for about 5 minutes so more people could enjoy.
5 was about all we needed!

Ocean side.  I wish my photography could have captured the amazing view of the horizon.
Should have taken a panoramic.

The lighthouse was completed in 1870 and MOVED in 1999 due to beach erosion.  Here, you can see the straight path it took.  Its original spot is where you see the tiny patch of grass.  Super interesting read about it right HERE.

Looking up at the light.

Making our way down.

Jon and Ethan led the way!
We LOVED this experience.

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