Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Annual Great Wolf Lodge Pilgrimage

In true Burbank form, we headed to the "Lodge" again right before Christmas.  We stayed two nights and everyone had a blast. For the very first time, Ethan was tall enough to ride EVERYTHING and also, neither boy was interested in (or allowed to enter)  the toddler zone.  This is both happy and sad.

We got Ethan on the "Howlin' Tornado" once.  It was our first ride.  He liked it okay, but was definitely all good after that and refused to do it again.  Still, he conquered it!  They enjoyed all the other slides, the wave pool, water hoops shooting, and both excelled at crossing the floating lilypads.

This time, we also spent a lot more time doing the other things the resort has to offer: the arcade, 4D theatre, and using our magic wands to activate certain things around the place.

We visited the jolly old elf the first night.

Here, Andrew is asking for Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle and Ethan is asking for the Batcave.
Santa came through for both!


Figured this sign was inspired by Andrew and Ethan some years ago.....

Wave pool on a calm Tuesday morning at opening time

They make it "snow" after the clock tower show this time of year.  Don't eat it - it's soap!

We splurged for the Kid Kamp suite this time.  We do it about every other year and the guys love it.
Here, they are clearly plotting something.....

Ethan had a wiggly tooth for months.  On our last morning, he lost it in the pool.  Blood.  Tears.  Jon, another dad, and I looked for it for 10 minutes and miraculously found it. 

Here's to next year, Great Wolf!  See you then.

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