Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Putting it in Writing

Hello blog, my old friend.

I have missed you.

I really do love you and have enjoyed posting on you for nearly {eek!} NINE years now. It has been a fun hobby at which I want to get better in 2017. 

Actually, I need to improve in quite a few areas, and since now is annual resolution time, it's time to put a few things in writing to {hopefully} hold myself accountable.

2017 Objective: 
Get Healthy

Physically AND mentally. I know about myself (and most folks) that when the physical happens the mental usually easily follows.

There wasn't really a defining life moment that caused me to stop caring about my health, but instead a gradual decline in my attention to that over the past four years or so. And let's face it, none of us are getting any younger! 

The time is NOW.

Goals to Achieve Said Objective:
Move More.
Consume Less.
Be Present.

On movement: When I have committed to a regular exercise regimen, I have enjoyed it. I have been nicer to everyone around me as a result. This is not rocket science. I also make better food choices because I don't want to waste the effort of the miles I just put in.

On consumption: Again, simple. Taking in fewer calories and making most of the ones I do consume clean, healthy choices. Yes, I said "most of." Nobody's perfect and there will be slip ups and cheat days and that is all part of the plan.This "consume less" goal also refers to using basically anything like money or time. The only exception to this is water. I vow to definitely consume LOTS MORE WATER.

On the present: Focus on the moment. The gift that is now. Be there mentally and physically. Really listen. Really learn. From everyone, especially my precious family, including four-leggers. Dora did this better than anyone.

So there it is.

In writing.

To anyone besides me who is reading this, cheers to you in this impending new year and may you get everything your heart desires!

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