Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Day for E.J.

I noticed a lower right central incisor peeking through this afternoon: his first tooth (at 4.5 months, too; Andrew was 5.5 months when he got his first in exactly the same spot. YES, I whipped out the baby books). He's been a trooper so far: the teeniest bit fussy but really not very bothered by the tooth.

Also, we started rice cereal today. The photos are in order, from the moment he was happily curious about being in his high chair for the first time, until the bitter end when he had had quite enough of this bland concoction. It really does taste terrible, and we are so NOT mixing it with applesauce yet.... not until the veggies come along.

So, there's E.J.'s big day. Two milestones in one.


Elle J said...

So cute! Let the food fun begin.

Heidi Ho said...

I'm sure you know this already...but Sophie liked the cereal when made with mama milk and warmed. It sweetens it a bit!