Sunday, January 10, 2010

Potty-Training Report

If THIS childwould put number two in the potty EVER (number one is great), then he would score this:
All we have talked about around these parts lately is "Big Zurg."

Oh, how we want to give him Big Zurg.

But for now, and for what seems like infinity, Big Zurg remains in his plastic cell inside his guest room closet prison.

So, there you have it: the most recent potty-training report.

Now your life is complete.


Jennifer said...

Stay the course. He'll get it eventually!

Ben has trouble with the pee, but not since I have banned pants and underpants. He doesn't like the feel of pee running down his legs so he just gives in and goes to the potty. It remains to be seen what will happen when he's clothed.

Uncle Glen, Aunt Cathy and the girls are coming to visit on Thursday and it would be nice if Ben wasn't nude from the waist down while they're here, so the potty training will probably not go very well while they're here. Hey, if worse comes to worse, I will strip him down while they're here too. What the heck.

Elle J said...

That picture of your big boy on the potty is priceless!! LOL. Don't loose hope; it'll eventually work. =)