Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge!

The other day, we awoke to this, but ended up doing this by 1:00 that afternoon. [insert relaxed sigh here] Gotta love contrast.
Our Christmas posse headed to the Great Wolf Lodge for some major wintertime water fun. We all had an amazing time.
The boys' section of our guest room was really cute. They had their own flat screen in this section, so there was much Sponge Bob to be had.
Jon and Ethan enjoyed the wave pool.
Andrew had more fun than anyone. His favorite phrase? "Let's do that a-GAIN!!"
Jon had his share of fun, too.
The giant bucket on top kept filling up with water and dumping every 10 minutes or so. There was a bell to warn of the deluge about to occur...
...so of course, the craziest folks gathered at the bottom with each clang. Although it LOOKS as if I am holding Andrew here against his will, we were really just being silly and totally excited about the drenching we were about to experience. We're looking up at the bucket...
At a different moment, Jon was a glutton for punishment, as well.
Andrew was such a big guy, fearlessly tackling every slide all by himself.
Ethan had a lot of fun, too.

This place is so great. There was something really neat about sliding down a tube in 84-degree balminess while simultaneously looking out a window to see snow-covered Carolina pines. Here's to holidays and family time and great places to visit!

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