Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tale of the Missing Wallet and the Good Samaritans

To preface the story, I will say that the past few days have been pretty stressful around here, and not a lot of fun. Ethan was in the ER for a concussion on Wednesday (he's great now), Dora had an adverse reaction to anesthesia during a dental cleaning on Thursday and threw up all day long so we had to rush her back to the vet (she is also fine now), and I got some really crummy (non-health-related) news last night. Then, this......

Jon got a haircut this afternoon. (Don't worry, the story gets better...)

As he left Sport Clips and approached his car, he realized he had hair in his Birkenstocks. (Again, stay with me here....)

So, he put his wallet on the hood, kicked off the shoes, removed the hair, got back in the car, and drove across the street to Best Buy. When he entered Best Buy, he realized he had no wallet. Remembering that he had placed it on the car, he frantically retraced his steps and checked inside all the local businesses, but to no avail. Said wallet was gone. Elapsed time for this whole scene was less than five minutes. He even checked the dumpsters in the area. Nada.

He then very calmly called me, and after some minor freaking out, I quickly got on board with all the calls to credit card companies, the bank, yada yada. This was MADDENING; wouldn't it be nice to not have to go through a million menus before FINALLY reaching the one about reporting a lost or stolen card?!?

Hey credit card companies, could you throw me a bone, here? RIGHT NOW, while I sit begrudgingly pressing 2 for English and sifting through all your ridiculous recorded menu options, some freak is going hogwild at Kohl's on OUR dollar. Do you THINK you could possibly give the pretty important ol' "lost or stolen card" option a slightly higher billing than item #437?

This is the desperate google search he did next. It is so sad and funny (now) at the same time.

By now, the wallet had been MIA for about 25 minutes. After putting up quite a fight, Ethan and Andrew were finally napping upstairs. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Dogs barked. Ethan started wailing again. Once we got done cursing the dogs and threatening them with the glue factory as we do daily, Jon answered the door, ready to blow off another annoying solicitor.

The first thing that caught our eyes was a giant fire engine. Right on our little street. Had the boys been officially awake, they would have eaten that up. And standing in our doorway was an ANGEL (there was a halo and I heard choirs singing, I am sure of it) of a fireman who, with wallet in hand, said, "Jonathan Burbank?" We both squealed with glee. Naps were obsolete at this point. I swear Jon almost hugged and kissed this big, burly fireman. Almost. I know he wanted to.

The fireman explained that they had just come from a wreck on I20 (it is 104 degrees, by the way... these guys are amazing and awesome) and a gentleman flagged down the engine and handed the wallet to him. The gentleman said that he had found it on the street. Jon anxiously rifled through the thing. All cards and some cash were all still there. It had been untouched. (Don't worry, we still cancelled everything just to be safe.) Jon is overjoyed that he will not have to endure another line at the DMV anytime soon.

Things have been crazy in the world lately and in our immediate area. Honestly, I have been pretty bitter and generally down with people. Then, these two good Samaritans go and help a total stranger. Total perspective about-face, there. Most people are wonderful, good and kind. I am so thankful for that. I love humans.

Moral of the story? If you are going to lose your wallet, do so on a Sunday afternoon. It's when the very best people are driving around.

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