Friday, July 1, 2011

Woody's Demise

Disney World was awesome. Here is one of the unexpected awesome parts, which I suppose is what makes a Disney vacation something other than your run-of-the-mill vacay.

Our resort featured African animals in the backyard. Amazing. Amazing UNTIL your 21-month-old finds sport in throwing anything he can find off the balcony.As you can see, the rules are clearly posted...

But, there he went, one hour into our visit: Woody. Four stories down. This was followed by a frantic call by me to the front desk, since I felt sure a giraffe or warthog or some other beast was about to run over there momentarily and choke on the toy.

The front desk receptionist was kind as could be. She said nightkeepers would rescue the toy and we could pick him up at the valet station the next morning. So, we did. He had a curious blue paper rubber-banded to him, which I was sure was some scathing announcement of the balcony rules, once again. But, no:

He had been seen by Dr. Donald Fauntleroy Duck, and treated for a broken arm!

We kept the cast on for the duration of our trip. When we met Woody and Buzz, they had a great time questioning Andrew about why the Woody toy was in disarray:

But, in the end, all was well and happy. I love Disney World. I love it for the in-your-face attractions, but I mostly love it for the extra details the staff members go through to make your family feel great all the time, even when you or your offspring have bended the rules by throwing things off balconies.

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amy said...

Love it. Looks like lots of fun! Miss you!