Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas in August

I got to go on an Orff shopping spree this summer. It was great fun! The instruments were delivered to my music classroom by the custodian (aka Santa) two afternoons ago. I am one giddy music teacher.

This photo is so perfect: the morning sun's rays are shining down upon all of those beautiful new instruments.

This is my office. I did not have time to unpack everything before the classes of children came marching in the door, so I crammed everything in here. Poor me... not enough time to unpack all the awesome new instruments. :)

This is a xylophone, from Germany, coming right out of the box. I haven't gotten to unpack one of these guys for many years.

Here is my new bass xylophone, with the never-played bars still wrapped in packing material. Ahhhhh...

This is me, in my maxxed-out music classroom. I am so excited about our school's new instruments (hence the hugging). This school year is showing signs of amazingness, and our new equipment is just icing on the cake!

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Anonymous said...

i believe that the sun's rays are Dad's way of letting you know how proud he is of you, and how happy he is for you.

Lots of Love, M/G