Thursday, September 1, 2011

Not-as-planned Wednesday

As typical life would have it, many things yesterday did not go according to plan. First, my school day was a little nutty. Let's just leave it at that.

Second, both boys' beginning-of-the-year-crud-coughs were finally out of control, so we whipped out the albuterol. We are so thankful that we own a nebulizer; it really helped them and today they were tons better. Ethan was not a fan. So pitiful. But, again, it really helped him sleep and breathe better today. And, let's be real here, if you cry, you inhale the albuterol even harder and it helps you all the more. I'm just sayin'.
Also, Jon's mom (aka Grandma Cathy) relocated here in mid-May. After months of searching, she found an amazing townhome just a few minutes from us that she was supposed to close on yesterday. All homeowners know that closings rarely go as planned. So, she didn't close yet. Although she definitely had HER ducks in a row, someone somewhere didn't and we are waiting anxiously to see if she was able to close today. There will be many pics coming soon, but for now, here's the outside of her almost new home: Cathy's moving date is this weekend and everyone in our family is really looking forward to the long weekend for some settling-in and some MUCH needed R&R with the boys.

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