Friday, September 16, 2011

Second Birthday BASH (in more ways than one...)

Ethan's second birthday was one of the most fun bashes that I can remember around these parts. Here are a few more photos from the day, starting with a sweet boy in his crib that morning. He was so happy and loved his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake!
Andrew really enjoyed playing with his friend Nick all afternoon.
Grandma Diana got Ethan this super cool trampoline. Both of our boys love it!
Auntie Christina sent these amazing skates to BOTH boys. This was a really thoughtful and totally appropriate gift for their Austin roller-derby Auntie to send! I will post photos of the skates in action really soon.
Publix cake with butter cream icing and chocolate pudding filling. YUMMMMMM.
Here are the birthday buds, minus a few that were out of the photo.
And, now for the very fun (although slightly disturbing) segment of the birthday post: pinata bashing time. Once this was underway (sadly, not before), we adults realized the creepiness of beating the daylights out of lovable characters like Elmo and Sponge Bob. Next time we do a pinata (if ever...we may have had our lifetime fill with this go 'round), we will be sure it is some generic shape with no character attachment.

That having been said, Glen THOROUGHLY enjoyed his turn with Elmo and ended up decapitating him. As you can see, Ella is proud of her dad and Nick is aghast. I hear Elmo's head is now a permanent desk decoration at Blythewood High. These men and their trophies. [sigh]
Jon got to hold the pinata. Lucky him. We feared there might be an "America's Funniest Home Videos" moment, but it didn't happen, much to Jon's relief.
Beware of any two-year-old with a long stick. Take higher ground.
I love these three boys.

All 42 of the birthday photos are here on facebook. I leave you with another rousing rendition of the birthday song. This one is not as in-tune as some birthdays past, but it definitely has the most spirit of any I have heard recently.

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