Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Nose Run!

Yesterday, Jon had winter band camp, Grandma Cathy took Andrew to karate, and Ethan and I did this 5K:

Here's a pre-race shot taken by a fellow runner.  It's terrible, mainly because I was wigged out about my lack of preparation for this one. [sigh]
But, it was okay, and fun, through some beautiful sections of downtown Columbia.  The only nasty parts were two hills right at the beginning.  And my time: worst ever.  [again, sigh]

As I was limping my way up the hills, I developed a list of race pet peeves.
(1) People wearing really obnoxious cologne TO A RACE.  Said people were always just a little faster than me, too... not fast enough to pull way ahead; just speedy enough to be a few yards in front of me the whole time.  Ick.
(2) Really fast people with "See Ya" printed on the back of their shirts.
(3) Really slow people who stay to the left.  Giant 2-year-old in a stroller coming through, folks!!
(4) People who run with their dogs.  Dogs are not meant to be long-distance runners!  3.1 miles is WAY too much for these little guys. They are only running the whole time to please their owners. My only hope is that the dog people walked part of the time and I just didn't see that.

Enough complaining.  I still love racing.  Here's a list of great things about racing:
(1) I need the race date as a goal and training motivator.
(2) Spending the morning with really fit and inspiring people.
(3) Post-race endorphins.
(4) The majority of the race fees go to help local charities.  Yesterday's was for the local Ronald McDonald House. 
(5) Goody bags with good coupons and cool samples.
After yesterday's race, we enjoyed watching more runners cross the finish line.  And eating Fruit Loops, of course.

Jon and I are doing another one in two weeks.  And I WILL be prepared for this one.

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