Wednesday, January 18, 2012

typical long, lazy weekend

This past 3-day weekend was fun and relaxing.

On one of the days, Andrew got me up at the crack of dawn, which I was not happy about at first, but it meant an early trip to Starbucks and thus accidentally stumbling upon this amazing sunrise across from our home.

Then, considering Andrew's recent interest in all things Star Wars, I decided it was time to pull out my figures from the 70's.  They are basically in mint condition, so I am still pretty protective of them.  Jon, who had never seen the inside of the Darth Vader case, was more excited than Andrew!

And of course, Maddie was as beautiful and photogenic as always.


Here's sleepy, beautiful Dora hound, who really just wished I would either throw the tennis ball or go away.

Ever watchful and hopeful, that hound.
Being back to the grind again yesterday wasn't easy, but we are back in the groove again. Still, we are looking forward to mid-winter break!

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