Monday, February 6, 2012

The Inspiration of The Winter That Never Was

Last winter, we had snow 'round these parts. 

Lots of it.

There was snow at Christmas.

There was a snowstorm that got us out of school for a week in January.

Not this winter.  IF you can call it that.  Winter.  Ha!

Not only are we apparently not having a winter this winter, but the weather has been unseasonably warm in a major way. We are loving it.  Yesterday, I ran in shorts and a tank top. I pushed Ethan in the stroller and we were both burning up by the end. I am definitely not complaining about this. It has been nice. I'm certain we will get snow next year and that will also be nice.

Also yesterday, the summerish weather inspired Jon to put up our hammock.
Everybody wants a turn with the drill.

Love these brudders.

Definite scheming.

Although it didn't bother the brudders, Jon and I decided the hammock's angle is too severe, and we're moving it between two trees that are farther apart.  That will happen another warm day.  Probably tomorrow.

Another weather-inspired moment: Hound baths.  Here's a wet Dora asking me WHY?!?

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