Sunday, October 7, 2012

If I Were Sweating the Small Stuff...

...I would need to buy stock in anti-perspirant. NOW.  

I would be mad that this hole was put in our fence yesterday from a force clearly launched from OUR YARD when WE WERE NOT AT HOME.
And, if I were sweating the small stuff, I would also be upset that last week's full moon or barometric pressure or something supernatural seemed to make nearly all children (including my own) behave in bizarre, bad ways, and therefore become even more challenging to teach.
I would be annoyed that the van's left back blinker is burned out and I have not had the time to get it fixed.  So, once a day, I can expect to get cussed out when I make a left-hand turn, unbeknownst to the tailgater behind, even though I did really signal, I swear.
I would lament, as usual, that I never see my husband during marching band season.  This year, I would sweat it even more, because, due to circumstances beyond his control, he is currently doing all the work of two band directors and has been for over a month.
I would rant about Ethan's recent stressful, unfair, emotionally abusive punishment for a potty accident at school that led to our immediate withdrawal from that program and the starting over that will occur at his new school tomorrow.  (More on this story to come, definitely.)
Then, if I were sweating the small stuff, I might whine that all this stuff enabled me to badly decide to excuse myself from running all week and therefore kind of blow it on yesterday's 10K.
I will not whine.  Or rant.  Or lament. Or be annoyed. Or be upset.  Or be mad.
Because things, right now, although stressful, are still really good!
We are all healthy (knock on wood).  And we can pay the bills (knock again).
Jon's high school's amazing culinary teacher, who is struggling with cancer, selflessly brought us this delicious dinner Wednesday night because he knew how difficult it had been lately for Jon (and us) as the only band director in a program designed for two.  LOVE.

And, Maddie has the force.  Enough said there.
Then there is this sweetheart, who enjoys Momma's cheesy taters as much as the next Mountaineer fan, and chowed them down with me last night as we watched WVU BEAT THE TEXAS LONGHORNS to earn their NUMBER FOUR ranking in the coaches' poll.  THERE IS THAT!

And, Jon Burbank has been maxxing out the single band director thing.  Make no mistake.  I am always amazed by him but am even more so after seeing how he has expertly handled everything that has been thrown at him recently.  Love.

So, I will NOT sweat the small stuff. 

As a very wise friend's very wise dad once told me,

"It's a very short time in a very long life."


Alex Oliver said...

The storms will pass, keep your faith strong and know the mountain tops will come soon. God is watching out for the Burbanks and it will make you stronger in the end!

amy said...

Love! Miss you.