Saturday, October 6, 2012

My First 10K!

I ran my first 6.2 mile race today with a good friend from school.  The weather and downtown location were both beautiful and perfect. My time was okay, even though we had to run up a giant flight of steps to make it to the starting line before the gun went off (college game day is in town for the USC game, parking was crazy, and we were "running" late) AND there was an enormous hill near the very beginning.  I walked twice, but mostly ran.  My rookie problem was starting out too fast in the spirit of a RACE!  Then, I was spent by mile 2.  ARGH!

Having to walk ridiculously early was the training kick-in-the-butt that I needed since I will need to more than DOUBLE this distance in THE race in about a month.  This week has been very abnormally stressful at work and at home, and I used that stress as an excuse not to run once.  That obviously hurt me and can't happen anymore if I want to successfully complete the half marathon.

Still, it was my first 10K, and I am proud that I did it.
Post race.  My number is askew because I pinned it on literally seconds before the race started. :)
Lindsay is her usual, very put-together self.

Love the cause!

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